Let us Build your dream home

We specialize in private projects such as luxury homes or spec homes. In order to make your dream come true, we are here to guide you through the process and find the style that will suit you.

This is why we are your best Builders:

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Atelier Construction relies on a team of experts with experience in the field. Our project managers and architects guarantee pragmatic proposals in line with your objectives. Following the whole process of your project is part of our main asset to meet all your needs and satisfy your wishes.

The vision of true “tailor-made” services

With a 100% custom-made positioning, Atelier Construction gives you the choice to carry out your project with the following concerns: modernity and personalization. As soon as the project is launched, we can possibly make plans directly with you. Our objective is to offer you a unique home that resembles you.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Recognized for the quality of our services, we offer you innovative ideas that respect society and the environment. Our teams seek the long-term satisfaction of new future owners. Our staff is reliable, professional and highly qualified to meet your residential needs.

Real skills

Today, residential construction involves different actors such as project managers, landowners, financial companies, architects, contractors and public authorities. Each of them will give their own strategy to best meet the desired demand according to the given budget.

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