We have all the necessary skills and creativity to help you carry out your project

We help you in your approach and to best meet your demand.

Why Atelier is better than the other companies?

Atelier Construction is a general constructing firm, managed to date by all architects and general constructors. The team is composed of builders and architects with specific skills to accompany you from the first plans to the final touches of the project.

Surrounded by a specialized team (architects, general contractors, interior designers, project managers) Atelier Construction gives a great experience in luxury residential construction in South Florida. Its main mission is to build the house of your dreams.  It manages projects at every step of the construction process to deliver superior results to our clients, from project feasibility, to true pricing and delivery time.

Our construction process is designed to assist building project owners in their thinking and provide them with detailed and accessible information on the technical, administrative, legal and financial aspects of all stages of an architectural project.

Architectural and engineering design is the key to the project’s commitment. That is why our company is committed to offer you the closest possible implementation of technology and realization in your design idea. The aim being to make the construction project as simple as possible and to allow you to make choices on the proposals that will suit you.

What we can help you achieve

In Atelier Construction we advise and guide you in your choices in order to create together the project that corresponds to you with principles of quality, efficiency and reliability.

Why Atelier is better than the other companies?
  • Know-how / Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Responsibilities
  • Flexibility
  • Security of a regulated contract
  • Supervision from the beginning to the end of the project
  • Plan models
  • Transparent communication
  • Goal-oriented
  • Collaborative work

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